Hernia repair today is one of the most widely performed procedures worldwide. In 2021, the US hernia repair procedures included 59.4% through a traditional open approach, 27.1% via laparoscopy, and 13.5% with robotic assistance [1]. The emergence of digital laparoscopy and other technology advancements is expected to continue to evolve gold standard approaches for the treatment and repair of inguinal hernias. The intent of this paper is to introduce innovative Augmented Intelligence (AI) solutions from Asensus Surgical, Inc. which are expected to shape a new era of surgery -- Performance-Guided Surgery™. The Senhance Surgical System, with its novel AI capabilities, provides unprecedented access to real-time data, an improved operating room experience, and may enhance patient safety.


K. Armstrong1 , J. Spalazzi1 , S. Lazzaretti2 , M. Cook3, F.M. Bianco4 

1 Asensus Surgical, Durham, NC, USA. 2 Asensus Surgical Italia S.R.L 3 University Medical Center, New Orleans, LA, USA. 4 The University of Illinois, Chicago, IL, USA.