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The Future of Surgery is Digital 

Asensus is pioneering the missing piece to help reduce variability and enable consistently superior outcomes.

Surgical robotics have advanced to a point where minimally invasive surgeries can be carried out with impressive speed and dexterity — but something has been missing. With the Senhance® System, Asensus, is providing advanced, reusable instruments and digital tools that will generate real-time insights from procedures around the world, helping to make future surgeries more predictable. 

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Intraoperative Support Capabilities

Surgical Systems Built for Communication and Comfort

Our systems are ergonomically designed with the surgeon and OR team in mind. 

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Open Cockpit

Offers a direct line of sight to the sterile field and enables clear communication with the surgical team. 

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Upright Seating

Surgeons operate while comfortably seated in front of the surgical console in a natural, upright position that reduces the physical burden of surgery.

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Eye-Tracking Camera Control

A hands-free camera is controlled by the surgeon’s eye movements, allowing them to instantly pan out, zoom in, and view any area of the surgical field.

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Worldwide Collaboration 

We’re reducing geographical barriers to surgical collaboration 

Surgeon shortages loom, and incoming practitioners face experience gaps as they get up to speed. With innovations like Senhance® Connect and our evolving ISU™ data storage capabilities, Asensus is developing solutions for international collaboration. Surgeons everywhere will leave behind a digital legacy that facilitates skill sharing and development for generations to come. 

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What Surgeons are Saying

"I think I'm better when I'm working from the console. For all these reasons, for better view, for stable view, for 3D vision, for haptic sensation, but, I feel less exhausted. So obviously there, if the surgeon is less tired, his quality becomes better."

Prof. narimantas samalavicius

Chief of surgery, klaipėda university (KU) Hospital, Klaipėda, Lithuania 

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