Obtaining the best in surgical technology doesn’t have to be cost-prohibitive. Asensus is providing the missing piece to upgrade surgical efficiency and safety in an economically responsible way

Raising the Standard of Care

All the benefits of advanced instruments and real-time Augmented Intelligence without the steep cost or learning curves typically associated with robotics systems. Here’s how we’re making smarter surgeries more accessible. 

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With a broad offering of reusable 3mm and 5mm straight instruments and open-platform architecture that integrates with existing visualization systems, Asensus keeps cost-per-procedure similar to traditional laparoscopy.

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Accessible Training

With familiar laparoscopic techniques, accessible simulation, and effective training, surgeons gain confidence operating with the Senhance® Surgical System. 

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Increased Productivity

With excellent ergonomic design, straight-forward setup, and intraoperative insights from Augmented Intelligence, the Asensus suite of products can enhance communication and decision-making during surgery.

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Enhanced decision-making 

With Augmented Intelligence capabilities, surgeons gain unprecedented precision that is designed to reduce variability.

Asensus’ digital tools and features enable surgeons to operate like never before, with data-driven insights that are designed to reduce mental burden and drive superior outcomes. It’s time to upgrade efficiency by making procedures more consistent. 

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What Surgeons are Saying

"Many studies have been published to show benefits for the patients with robotic surgery. We also have to focus on surgeon's issues suchs as ergonomics, and peace of mind. We are facing a shortage of active surgeons, the future of robotic surgery goes far beyond patient's needs. It will be one cornerstone to keep future surgeons in the game for the rest of their professional life."

prof. bernhard krämer

deputy medical director of gynecology, tubingen university hospital, tubingen, germany 

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