The advent of robotics in surgery has undoubtedly addressed various intraoperative challenges, notably improving surgeon ergonomics by enabling them to operate in a seated position. However, the question lingers: is the ergonomic problem for surgeons genuinely solved? Recent survey responses from conventional robotic-assisted surgery system users add an intriguing layer to this narrative. When posed with the question, “If there was an alternative method to prevent pain or soreness during operations, would you alter your current practice?” The results suggest room for improvement. A noteworthy 43.9% of respondents answered affirmatively, expressing a willingness to explore alternative solutions, while 34.5% remained uncertain, hinting at a lingering need for advancements in addressing ergonomic concerns in robotic surgery. This narrative underscores the dynamic nature of the field, urging further exploration and innovation to enhance the ergonomic experience for surgeons.


K. Armstrong1, J. Spalazzi1, S. Lazzaretti2, E. Chekan1

1Asensus Surgical, Durham, NC, USA. 2Asensus Surgical Italia S.R.L