Training that Takes You to the Frontier of Surgical Innovation

Training on Senhance® and the ISU™ combines distance learning at your own pace with in-person, hands-on training, and proctorship in the OR. 


A surgical robot operating in a dummy

Training Overview

  • Surgeons pair remote learning through the Asensus Surgical Learning Academy with traditional hands-on training. 
  • Training begins with online modules that provide a foundational understanding of the Senhance System.
  • Following completion of self-guided online learning, participants proceed to our two- to three-day course on site at one of our global skill centers, during which they’ll obtain hands-on experience with the Senhance System through dry- and wet-lab exercises.
  • After receiving their on-site training certificate, surgeons continue learning at their own hospitals.
  • The surgical team receives training on safety, set up, and positioning for the surgical system. 
  • Hospital requirements for credentialing are met, including the surgeon’s first cases being proctored by an experienced surgeon. 
  • When training is complete, surgeons can begin carrying out cases independently and maintain proficiency.

Discover the Senhance® System

A map of the world with markers on: Europe - Amsterdam, USA - Raleigh, NC;  Orlando, Florida; New Orleans, LA, Milan, Italy, Yoknean, Isreal, Taipai, Taiwan and Japan - Tokyo

Skill Center Locations

Surgeons receive training at one of Asensus’ training centers to learn how to operate using our surgical systems.

Training sites include:

  • Europe - Amsterdam; Milan 
  • USA - Raleigh, NC; Orlando, Florida; New Orleans, LA
  • Japan - Tokyo

What Surgeons are Saying

"We all know that cost in healthcare is a big barrier, whether the hospital can afford technology or not. That all can change in the near future through companies like Asensus. There's so many things that can be done with the system, and because it's based on laparoscopy, it's easy to train other surgeons with minimal learning curve." 

Dr. Amit Trivedi

chair, department of surgery, pascack valley medical center, westwood, new jersey 

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