Sleeve gastrectomy procedures today are largely performed with laparoscopic techniques as 99% of procedures in the US in 2021 were done via this minimally invasive approach [1]. The benefits of a MIS approach are well researched with critical outcomes centered around optimized weight loss while balancing the risk of complications and Quality of Life improvements [2]. To accomplish the balance of weight loss with complications, an optimum sleeve size and shape must be achieved. The intent of this paper is to introduce innovative Augmented Intelligence (AI) solutions from Asensus Surgical, Inc. which are expected to shape a new era of surgery -- Performance-Guided Surgery™. The Senhance® Surgical System, with its novel AI capabilities, provides unprecedented access to real-time data, an improved operating room experience, and may enhance patient safety


K. Armstrong1 , J. Spalazzi1 , S. Lazzaretti2 , M. Cook3, A. Trivedi4 

1 Asensus Surgical, Durham, NC, USA. , 2 Asensus Surgical Italia S.R.L 3 University Medical Center, New Orleans, LA, USA. 4 Hackensack Meridian Health Pascack Valley Medical Center, Westwood, NJ, USA.