Portrait of Akihisa Akao
General Manager, Japan

As General Manager in Japan, Mr.Akao is responsible for all operational aspects of commercial business including RA & QA, capital sales, strategic marketing, clinical leadership, and customer-facing activities.

Prior to joining Asensus, Mr.Akao worked as a consultant for Asensus thru White Moon Medical Inc. to prepare the regulatory submission and business strategy in Japan. During his time with  White Moon Medical, a consulting company that provides advice to early-stage companies seeking to enter the Japanese medical products market, Mr.Akao served as President. Prior to that, he served in many leadership, board member, and advisory roles for healthcare companies such as Medinol, Mauna Kea Technologies, Power Medical Interventions, and Sonoma Pharmaceutical Inc.

Mr.Akao received a B.A. in electronic engineering from Doshisha University, Kyoto, Japan.